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The fortuneLatte Cafe offers take-out drinks such as lattes with patterns printed onto them and fortune Lattes that provide an experience from the moment you begin ordering until you receive your drink.
Drinks that come with clear bottles are perfect for urban activities and Jaburo Coffee, the GUNDAM Café’s signature menu item which became the origin of GUNDAM Cafés, are also available.
Enjoy an entertaining take-out menu unique to the GUNDAM Café.

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Decorate Your Drink for the Day With fortuneLatte

Choose a base drink and print theme and use a tablet device to play mini-games and answer questions. The pattern on your drink is determined by your decisions and printed onto your drink on the spot. The patterns will be chosen from a random selection and will be a surprise until you receive your drink.

GUNDAM Café Original Design Drinks With Clear Bottle

Popular tapioca drinks and colorful drinks in clear bottles with designs featuring Mobile Suits and characters are available.
It is one of the most popular menus at the GUNDAM Café.