This is a restaurant that resembles a mess hall inside a space battleship.
A large multi-monitor approx. 18 meters wide is set up in the restaurant and the scenery of outer space where Mobile Suits fly around is projected for visitors to enjoy their meal in a simulation that resembles the mess hall inside of a space battleship.
Show programs unique to the GUNDAM Café offer experiences where meals thought up by the characters can be enjoyed alongside them and the G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW. Hands-on programs such as the G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW are also being planned which will offer experiences that have never been seen before.


An Elegant Meal With a View of Outer Space From a Space Battleship

A spectacular view of outer space. Mobile Suits flying around, looming space colonies, and scenery from various parts of the world featured in the Gundam series can be seen. Enjoy the GUNDAM Café’s original dishes while taking in the scenery outside of a battleship’s window.
*Reservations required in advance.


This is a 90-minute new type of dinner show where popular characters from the Gundam series appear on the screen and talk to visitors while serving course menu dishes.
The actor-staff members will guide visitors who become members of a unique story that can only be enjoyed here, depicted through movies and real-life experiences.
*Reservations required in advance.

→ Check the details/Reservation page (in JP only)

Various Live Programs Related to Gundam

We plan to hold talks and live programs with guests related to various Gundam series titles.
*Reservations required in advance.
*The programs will be held irregularly.

→ Check the details/Reservation page (in JP only)


So This Is What the Characters Were Eating! Meals on Ships Can Be Enjoyed in the Form of Pilot Lunches

There are many scenes in various titles where pilots enjoy meals.
We have recreated the dishes that they ate on ships. It is an exciting menu that incorporates elements that enable you to reenact scenes. Please enjoy it alongside the view of outer space.
*Unavailable during events.

A GUNDAM Café TOKYO Specialty! Fresh Oven Baked Neapolitan Pizzas

We will tenderly add toppings and carefully bake each pizza in a stone oven inside the store after receiving your order. We have prepared pizzas based on motifs of popular characters that are fun to look at.
*Unavailable during events.

Recreated With Carefully Selected Ingredients! The Ultimate Gourmet Burger!

These ultimate gourmet burgers are created with carefully selected ingredients that recreate the hamburgers seen in the series.
Their juicy patties are made from 100% pure beef and individually grilled to pack in their enticing flavors. Enjoy them with the supple buns.
*Unavailable during events.