Zeon’s Diner TOKYO

Zeon's Diner TOKYO is a hands-on diner where you can enter and enjoy the world of the Principality of Zeon.
Interactive Projection Sheets allow you to enjoy your meals alongside battle simulations with Mobile Suits that take off from the food items you order, and AR Mission Sheets offers you missions from Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi that can be completed with AR functions.
Different effects can be enjoyed depending on each table and items you order from the menu, allowing for distinctive Zeon soldier experiences every time you visit the store.

Zeon’s Diner TOKYOのロゴ

Enjoy Battle Simulations Through Interactive Projections

A virtual space spreads out on the central table in the facility. Mobile Suits will take off from the food items you order and you can enjoy battle simulations while you enjoy your meal. If an MS belonging to the Earth Federation Forces appears, the Mobile Suits on the entire table will begin a simultaneous attack. The entire surface of the table can be used to witness action scenes between Mobile Suits that take off from various angles. Be sure to check it out with your own eyes!
* Advance reservation system

Grasp Victory With Your Own Hands With Training Mission Sheets

You have received an order from Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi: “Train to always be prepared against assaults from the Federation Forces!"
Use the AR function to take on missions where you learn about the outstanding achievements of the Principality of Zeon through videos. Once you complete 5 missions, you will receive a Zabi family medal (badge) unique to Zeon's Diner as a reward.
*Devices with AR functions will be offered at the venue.
*Reservations required in advance.

Gihren's Speech Turns Into a Party to Achieve Perfect Victory!

Enjoy a toast of victory as "Zeig Zeon!" shouts that raise the morale for victory echo through the store at the end of Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi’s speech! There is also a special portrait of Supreme Commander Gihren drawn by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko in Zeon's Diner. Immerse yourself in a feast of victory with a glass of "Waga Michi/My Way” (a drink available in alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions), the same drink in Supreme Commander Gihren’s raised hand.

Recreate the Iconic Scene!

A bar counter is located in a corner of the facility where the speech by Supreme Commander Gihren is being broadcast...
The famous scene at the bar counter can be recreated with "Anohi no Ippai/The Drink on That Day” (a drink available in alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions) from the food and drink menu at this Memorial Corner. You can take a commemorative photo.
The experience can be enjoyed with a special glass. Why don’t you stop by and have a drink?


A Menu Dedicated to Soldiers of the Principality of Zeon

In addition to dishes invented by members of the Zabi family, there are also menus that allow you to experience the might of the Principality of Zeon’s tactical operations and pilots as well as dishes created with the theme of military ranks that match the merit-based mindset of the faction.
A wide selection of main dishes, side menus, and even alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed throughout the day.
*Some menus will offer different items during the day and during dinnertime.
*The menu provided here is different from that of the restaurant.